Use Cloud Service Provider Accounts in Prisma Cloud

You can automatically create the required service accounts and roles in your cloud accounts to integrate Prisma Cloud with your cloud service providers.
  1. Log into Prisma Cloud.
  2. Go to
    Settings > Cloud Accounts
  3. Complete the onboarding cloud account wizard to use the service accounts and roles when configuring Compute. These accounts and roles are collectively called credentials.
  4. Before using a credential it needs to become read-only in Compute. To find the surfaced credentials open the
    tab. You can only update or delete credentials in
    Settings > Cloud Accounts
    . Deleting surfaced credentials in the
    tab credentials store only removes them from the table.
  5. Go to to the
    Compute > Defend > Authentication
  6. Click
    Add Credential
  7. In
    , select
    Prisma Cloud
  8. Select all credentials you want to use.
  9. Click
  10. You can use the credential in Compute to set up features like registry scanning.

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