System Requirements

Before installing Prisma Cloud, verify that your environment meets the minimum requirements.
For information about when Prisma Cloud adds and drops support for third party software, see our support lifecycle page.
The following sections describe the system requirements in detail.


Prisma Cloud supports
architectures. Ensure that your systems meet the following hardware requirements.

Defender Resource Requirements

Each Defender requires 256MB of RAM and 8GB of host storage.
The Defender uses cgroups v1 or v2 to cap resource usage at 512MB of RAM and 900 CPU shares where a typical load is ~1-5% CPU and 30-70MB RAM.
The Defender stores its data in the /var folder. When allocating disk space for Defender, ensure the required space is available in the /var folder. Defenders are designed to be portable containers that collect data. Any data that must be persisted is sent to the Prisma Cloud Console for storage. Defenders don’t require persistent storage. If you deploy persistent storage for Defenders, it can corrupt Defender files.
If Defenders provide registry scanning they require the following resources:
  • Defenders providing registry scanning--
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 20GB of storage
  • 2 CPU cores Defenders that are part of CI integrations (Jenkins, twistcli) require storage space depending on the size of the scanned images. The required disk space is 1.5 times the size of the largest image to be scanned, per executor. For example, if you have a Jenkins instance with two executors, and your largest container image is 500MB, then you need at least 1.5GB of storage space: 500MB x 1.5 x 2

Virtual Machines (VMs)

Prisma Cloud has been tested on the following hypervisors:
  • VMware for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Multicloud (TKGM)
  • VMware for Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated (TKGI)

Cloud Platforms

Prisma Cloud can run on nearly any cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.
Prisma Cloud has been tested on the following services:
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Alibaba Cloud: You can deploy Defenders on VMs, hosts running containers, and clusters on Alibaba Cloud using the instructions for the supported host operating systems and orchestrator versions. Specific deployment instructions for Alibaba Cloud are not documented and Cloud discovery is not supported.

ARM Architecture Requirements

The following setups support Prisma Cloud on ARM64 architecture:
  • Cloud provider
  • Supported Defenders:
    • Orchestrator Defenders on AWS and GCP
    • Host Defenders including auto-defend on AWS
The twistcli is supported on Linux ARM64 instances.
The Prisma Cloud Console doesn’t support running on ARM64 systems.

Operating Systems for bare-metal Hosts and Virtual Machines

Prisma Cloud is supported on both x86_64 and ARM64

Supported Operating Systems on x86_64

Prisma Cloud is supported on the following host operating systems on x86_64 architecture: