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Upgrade process

Palo Alto Networks manages and maintains your Prisma Cloud Console. For email notifications about Prisma Cloud Compute’s maintenance schedules and upgrade notifications, subscribe to the Prisma Cloud service on the Palo Alto Networks status page.


Palo Alto Networks periodically upgrades your Prisma Cloud Compute Console. The changes for each release are always published in the Release Notes. Ensure that you have read through all 'Breaking Changes' in the release notes for each major release, for any action items from the users.
The currently installed version of the Console is displayed in the bell menu.
We support the current and previous two major releases with our defenders and plugins. Prisma Cloud console is backward compatible with up to two (N-2) major releases back (including all minor versions) with the following:
  • All types of Defenders.
  • Twistcli/Jenkins plugin.

Defender and Prisma Cloud components upgrade process

After the Console has been upgraded, check and upgrade any of the Defenders that have reached the end of their support lifecycle (Defenders are backward compatible for N-2 releases). The Defender release image is built from the UBI8-minimal base image and on upgrade it is a full container image upgrade, which means that the old Defender container is replaced with a new container. Then, upgrade all other Prisma Cloud components, such as the Jenkins plugin.
The steps in the upgrade process are:
  1. Go to
    Manage > Defenders > Deployed Defenders
    and filter by
    Upgrade Required
    to upgrade all the listed defenders.
  2. Validate that all deployed Defenders have been upgraded.
  3. To download the latest version of all other Prisma Cloud Compute components (such as the Jenkins plugin) either go to
    Manage > System > Utilities
    to download the latest version of these or directly pull from the API.
    You cannot upgrade an App-Embedded Defender for Fargate, and must redeploy a new task definition.

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