Create External Networks

Create external networks to monitor network traffic.
You can create an external network directly in the flow logs page.
Flows with a source or destination that the Enforcers classified as somewhere show the
Flow Analysis
button which becomes available under
Click the
Create an External Network
button to open the wizard.
Alternatively, you can complete the following procedure to create external networks from the
Network List
  1. Go to your Prisma Cloud Console under
  2. Select the namespace where you want to create the external network.
  3. Click on
    Network Lists
    on the menu bar.
  4. Click on the
    + sign
    button on the right.
  5. Complete the required steps the
    Create an External Network Wizard
    1. Enter the name for the external network
    2. Add the IP using CIDR or the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the external network. You can add multiple entries.
    3. Review the associated tags.
      Enforcers suggest the FQDN of the external network if there is a
      DNS Lookup
      result associated with that IP.

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