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You can activate the Microsegmentation as follows.
  1. Click
    at the bottom of the left navigation menu.
  2. Select
    Add-On Features
    and click
    Learn More
  3. Click
    Try Now
    to begin your free thirty-day trial.
  4. A new
    Network Security
    option appears in the left navigation menu. Expand
    Network Security
    to explore the Microsegmentation capabilities on the Prisma Cloud web interface.
    If you connect to the network through a middlebox, such as a proxy or firewall, you may need to add * and * to its allow list.
    Users in the
    System Admin
    permission group have full privileges in all Microsegmentation namespaces. Other users can view the
    menu, but have no ability to make any changes. To enable users not in the
    System Admin
    permission group to perform actions in Microsegmentation, refer to Add users.

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