Integrate Prisma Cloud with Tenable

Learn how to integrate Prisma™ Cloud with Tenable.
Prisma™ Cloud ingests vulnerability data from Tenable to provide you with additional context about risks in the cloud. This integration enables you to, for example, identify suspicious traffic to sensitive workloads, such as databases with known vulnerabilities.
AWS, Azure, and GCP clouds support the Prisma Cloud integration with Tenable.
  1. Tenable.IO provides API access to assets and their vulnerability information. Configure the Tenable account to use the Tenable AWS, Azure, and GCP connectors. Without connectors, you cannot identify the cloud resource.
    The Tenable API requires an access key and secret key in the header. Generate an access key and secret key per user on the app. (See Tenable documentation for information.) Also, make sure that the Tenable role that you use to enable this integration has administrator permissions that include vulns-request-export and assets-request-export API access.
  2. Set up Tenable integration on Prisma Cloud.
    1. Select
    2. Add Integration
      . A modal wizard opens where you can add the Tenable integration.
    3. Enter
    4. Enter the
      Access Key
      and the
      Secret Key
      that are generated in
      See Tenable documentation for information.
    5. Click
      the integration.Review the Summary and
      the integration.
  3. View vulnerabilities detected by Tenable in Prisma Cloud.
    1. After Prisma Cloud has access to the Tenable findings, you can use the following RQL queries for visibility into the host vulnerability information collected from Tenable.
      Config Query
      config from cloud.resource where finding.type = 'Host Vulnerability' AND finding.source = 'Tenable' AND finding.severity = 'high'
      Select a resource to get information about vulnerabilities. Select
      Audit Trail
      to view the CVE numbers.
      Network Query
      network where dest.resource IN ( resource where hostfinding.type = 'Host Vulnerability' )
      Host Findings
      to see details.

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