Cloud Account Onboarding

Learn about the options to add your cloud accounts on Prisma Cloud.
To get the most out of your investment in Prisma Cloud, the first thing you need is to add your cloud accounts to Prisma Cloud. This process requires you to have the correct set of permissions to authenticate and authorize the connection and retrieval of data. For the onboarding of cloud accounts, Prisma Cloud administrators with the System Administrator and Cloud Provisioning Administrator roles have two options
  • Use the instructions outlined in Connect Your Cloud Platform to Prisma Cloud. These workflows provide the context you need to add your cloud accounts to Prisma Cloud, while allowing you to make decisions and figure things out on your own.
  • Use the cloud account onboarding guided tour, which makes the onboarding flow easy, for a good first-run experience. If you are logging in to Prisma Cloud for the first-time, the guided tour displays after the welcome tour and prompts you to pick a cloud platform to add on Prisma Cloud.
    If you would like to access the guided tours subsequently, use the
    Quick Start Checklist
    on the top-left drop-down.
    With the guided tour, you need to make a few choices and provide basic account details to retrieve configuration logs and get started with Prisma Cloud for monitoring and visibility. If you want to ingest data from event logs and flow logs, you need to perform some additional tasks. See Add Cloud Account Using the Guided Tour.

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