Onboard Amazon Web Services

Learn how to onboard your AWS organizations and accounts to Prisma Cloud.
To onboard your Amazon Web Services (AWS) organizations (supported on public AWS and AWS GovCloud) or AWS accounts (supported on public AWS, AWS China, and AWS GovCloud) on Prisma Cloud, you must complete some tasks on the AWS management console and some on Prisma Cloud. The onboarding workflow enables you to create a Prisma Cloud role with either read-only access to your traffic flow logs or with limited read-write access to remediate incidents. With the correct permissions, Prisma Cloud can successfully connect to and access your AWS accounts.
What do you want to do?
Start here
First time onboarding of your cloud accounts
Begin monitoring the resources on your AWS organizations or accounts
After onboarding your cloud accounts
Ingest data from audit and flow logs, configure vulnerability findings, and data security
Updating your cloud accounts
Update your onboarded AWS organizations and accounts
Additional Resources
Verify supported APIs, troubleshoot errors, or set up Prisma Cloud role manually

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