Add AWS Member Accounts on Prisma Cloud

Add your AWS Organization Units (OUs) and member accounts to Prisma Cloud to ingest and monitor your data.
To add AWS member accounts to Prisma Cloud, see Update an Onboarded AWS Organization. If you have added an AWS organization to Prisma Cloud and you now want to add the AWS OUs to which the member account belongs, the existing member account is moved under the OU in Prisma Cloud.
When you add your AWS organization to Prisma Cloud, you can build a flexible structure of OUs and member accounts that are contained in the organization hierarchy and choose to add all, or selectively include or exclude the OUs and member accounts you want to remediate using Prisma Cloud.
After adding the member accounts, navigate to
Cloud Accounts
, locate your AWS member account, and
Review Status
. You can select the cloud account name and view the list of member accounts to verify the include/exclude selections you made earlier.

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