Onboard Google Cloud Platform

Learn how to onboard your GCP organizations and projects to Prisma Cloud.
To enable Prisma™ Cloud to retrieve data on your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) resources and identify potential security risks and compliance issues, you must connect your GCP accounts to Prisma Cloud. In keeping with the GCP resource hierarchy, you can choose whether you want Prisma Cloud to monitor one or more GCP Projects or all projects that are under your GCP Organization. Regardless of what you choose, the onboarding workflow automates the process of creating a service account, creating and associating roles with the service account, and enabling specific APIs.
What do you want to do?
Start here
First time onboarding of your GCP accounts
To begin monitoring the resources on your GCP organizations or projects
After onboarding your GCP accounts
To review flow logs compression and ingest data from flow logs
Updating your GCP accounts
To update your onboarded GCP accounts
Additional Resources
To create a service account with a custom role or to verify supported APIs

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