Add an Alibaba Cloud Account on Prisma Cloud

Add your Alibaba cloud account to Prisma Cloud to start monitoring the assets in the account.
After you create a RAM role with permissions that enable Prisma Cloud programmatic access to your cloud resources on Alibaba Cloud, all you now need to do for visibility into changes on the cloud infrastructure is to add the account you want to monitor.
  1. If you have not already activated your account, check your email for the welcome to Prisma Cloud email that includes your username, and create a new password to log in.
    On first-time login to Prisma Cloud in the Alibaba Mainland China region, you must accept the EULA. When you click the EULA, a new page displays where you can review the content. As a temporary work around, to
    Agree and Submit
    you must refresh the page and log in again with your credentials.
  2. Select
    Cloud Accounts
    Add New
  3. Select
    Alibaba Cloud
    as the
    Cloud to Protect
  4. Enter a
    Cloud Account Name
    A cloud account name is auto-populated for you. You can replace it with a cloud account name that uniquely identifies your Alibaba Cloud account on Prisma™ Cloud.
  5. Enter the Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) as
    RAM Role
    and click
    The ARN is the unique identifier for the RAM role you created to authorize API access for Prisma Cloud. When you enter the ARN, the Alibaba Cloud Account ID gets added automatically.
  6. Select one or more account groupsand click
    You must assign each cloud account to an account group, and create an alert rule to associate the account group with it to generate alerts when a policy violation occurs.
  7. Verify the onboarding status.
    If you have set up the RAM role and policies properly, the onboarding process should be successful.
  8. Select
  9. Next Steps:
    • Review the Prisma Cloud default
      for Alibaba Cloud.
      , set the
      Cloud Type
      filter as
      Alibaba Cloud
      and view all the Config policies that are available to detect any misconfigurations in your infrastructure.
    • Start using the Prisma Cloud Asset Inventory for visibility.

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