Onboard Your Azure Account

Learn how to add your Azure Active Directory tenant, or Azure subscription to Prisma™ Cloud for monitoring and compliance.
There are two main workflows that your organization can use to onboard your Azure resources to Prisma Cloud so that you can monitor and identify compliance violations on your Azure environments. You have the option of securing your Azure Active Directory tenant or Azure subscriptions in your Azure commercial, government, or China accounts. If you prefer to automate the creation of your Azure resources so that Prisma Cloud can access the Azure APIs, then you can use the provided Terraform script. This workflow automates the process of setting up the Prisma Cloud application on Azure Active Directory and enabling the permissions for read-only or read-write access to your Azure subscription. If you’re not familiar with Terraform, then you can manually create your Azure resources for Prisma Cloud to call the Azure APIs.
If you onboard your Azure Active Directory tenant, then you have the flexibility to: automatically onboard your subscriptions, the ability to onboard just once and have subsequent resources ingested, and the option to include or exclude the grouped subscription through management groups.

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