View and Edit a Connected Azure Account

After you have added your Azure cloud account resources, you may from time to time want to review or update existing cloud resources or modify assigned permissions. The graphic below outlines the required steps to view or edit security capabilities.
Follow the steps below to view or edit your Azure cloud account resources:

View an Added Account

  1. From the Prisma Cloud administrative console, navigate to
    Settings > Cloud Accounts
    to view a list of all your previously added cloud accounts.
  2. Locate the Azure account you wish to modify and click on the View icon.
  3. The
    tab lists the Account Details and provides a read out of the
    Security Capabilities & Permissions
    you have enabled.
  4. The
    Threat Detection
    tab allows you to edit your flow log ingestion preferences. Select the
    button and change your preferences in the
    Configure Account
    page of the onboarding workflow.
  5. Workload Security
    allows you to add or delete Compute security capabilities and permissions. Click the
    toggle to change your selections. You can also select the
    button at the top of the page and navigate to the
    Get Started
    onboarding workflow to change your preferences.
  6. Enable
    Data Security
    to discover and classify data stored in your cloud account with the objective of preventing accidental exposure. Follow the steps below to configure Data Security:
    1. Navigate to
      Settings > Cloud Accounts
      and select the
      Data Security
      tab from the view cloud account workflow. Click the
      toggle to configure Data Security.
    2. Opt to scan all cloud resources or customize scan settings within your cloud account.
    3. Confirm that Data Security is configured on
      Status Setup
  7. If a Security Capability displays an
    Issues Found
    flag. You can click on the link to view a quick summary of the issue and available remediation options.

Edit an Added Account

On the
Cloud Accounts
page you can also edit the existing
Security Capabilities & Permissions
of already added accounts. Follow the steps below to edit an existing account:
  1. Locate the Azure account you wish to modify and click on the Edit icon.
  2. The
    Edit Cloud Account
    page allows you to add or change
    Security Capabilities & Permissions
    . You can also opt in or out of ingesting flow logs. Reference Connect your Azure Tenant for more information.

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