Update an Onboarded Google Cloud Account

For a Google Cloud project or organization that you have already added to Prisma Cloud, you can update the following options.
  1. Log in to the Prisma Cloud administrative console.
  2. Select the Google Cloud account you want to modify.
    • Select
      Cloud Accounts
      and click on the name of the cloud account to manage from the list of cloud accounts.
    • Change the account groups you want to monitor.
    • If you have onboarded the GCP Organization, select which folders and projects to monitor, or monitor and protect.
      On the Google Cloud console, verify that the IAM permissions for the service account includes the Folder Viewer role.
      If this role does not have adequate permissions, the following error displays
    • Update the flow log bucket name.
    • Enable Flow Log Compression on GCP and select
      Use Dataflow to generate compressed logs (significantly reduces network egress costs)

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