Permissions Required for OCI Tenant on Prisma Cloud

In order to monitor your OCI resources, Prisma Cloud requires access to an OCI tenant that enables authentication between Prisma Cloud and OCI.
You must have administrator access to an OCI tenant to enable read permission for Prisma Cloud.
Prisma Cloud uses the Terraform file to create a group and add a user to the group. It also creates a policy and applies the policy to that group. Prisma Cloud needs read permissions for all the supported services.
OCI has a limit of 50 policy statements. However, Prisma Cloud supports more than 100 policy statements. The Terraform file will include only 56 policy statements, and you must add the remaining permissions manually to the file. To successfully ingest the remaining OCI APIs, request a service limit increase on the policy statements before running the Terraform file. This change affects monthly or annual universal credits OCI accounts and pay-as-you-go or promotional OCI accounts.

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