Access Prisma Cloud

Log in to Prisma Cloud.
The welcome email you receive from Palo Alto Networks ( includes a link where you can access your instance of Prisma Cloud. If you are the first registered user, a Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP) account is created for you, and you can log in to Prisma Cloud to start securing your cloud deployments. For all other Prisma Cloud users, when your Prisma Cloud system administrator adds you to the tenant, you receive two emails. Use the
Welcome to Palo Alto Networks Support
email to activate the CSP account and set a password to access the Palo Alto Networks Support portal , before you click the Get Started button in the
Welcome to Prisma Cloud
email to log in to your Prisma Cloud instance.
The link in your welcome email varies depending on whether you are using Palo Alto Networks Customer Support (CSP) credentials to log in or if you are using a third-party IdP for Single Sign On (SSO):
If you have a Palo Alto Networks CSP account and are not using a third-party IdP, the link enables you to directly log in to Prisma Cloud using the email address and password registered with the CSP account.
If you are using a third-party IdP and the login URL is configured on Prisma Cloud, the link redirects you to your IdP’s login page and you can log in using the credentials set up on your IdP.
If you are using a third-party IdP but the login URL is not configured on Prisma Cloud, you must navigate to your IdP and click the Prisma Cloud tile there to log in using the credentials set up on your IdP.
Browser Support
—To access the Prisma Cloud administrator console, Chrome version 72 or later is recommended for an optimal user experience. The Prisma Cloud console is not explicitly tested on other browsers and though we expect it to perform with graceful degradation, it is not guaranteed to work.
Status Updates
—Use the Prisma Cloud status page to view operational status and subscribe to updates about the service.
  1. Launch a web browser and access the URL for Prisma Cloud or go to the Palo Alto Networks hub to access the app.
    The URL for Prisma Cloud varies depending on the region and cluster on which your tenant is deployed. Your welcome email will include one of the following URLs that is specific to the tenant provisioned for you:
    On the hub, if you see the Prisma Cloud tile, but cannot login into the app because of a SAML error it probably means that you do not have an account on that Prisma cloud instance. Contact your system administrator for an account to access that instance.
  2. Accept the EULA.
    After you accept the terms and conditions of use, use the get started guide to learn the basics.
  3. Select
    and verify that you have the correct Prisma Cloud License Types or get started with Prisma Cloud—First Look.
  4. Switch between Prisma Cloud instances.
    If you are responsible for monitoring clouds belonging to different organizations (tenants), you can use your Palo Alto Networks login credentials to access all tenants from the hub.To enable multi-tenant login access, your system administrator must add your email address on each Prisma Cloud tenant (see Add Administrative Users On Prisma Cloud), and you then receive an email from Palo Alto Networks to get started. By default an administor on Prisma cloud is designated as an Instance Administrator for that tenant only on the hub. If you want to change a role or enable access to other apps, see roles.
    With Palo Alto Networks CSP credentials, you can click the app switcher on the hub
    and then select a different tenant to switch between instances.
    If you see the serial number for your instance and want to change it to a descriptive label, navigate to the Settings page using the
    Manage Apps
    in the upper right-hand corner of the hub menu. Click directly on the serial number and rename it. This new name displays on the hub only, and does not automatically apply to your Prisma Cloud instance.

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