Get Prisma Cloud From the AWS Marketplace

Buy Prisma Cloud directly from the AWS Marketplace.
Purchase Prisma Cloud directly from the AWS Marketplace. Within 24 hours of purchase, you’ll get access to the Prisma Cloud tenant that is provisioned for you.
  1. Go to the AWS Marketplace.
  2. Select Prisma Cloud Threat Defense and Compliance Platform.
    Search for Palo Alto Networks on the AWS Marketplace and click the link for the
    Prisma Cloud Threat Defense and Compliance Platform
  3. Select
    Continue to Subscribe
  4. Enter the details to get a Prisma Cloud subscription.
    The subscription is for a 12-month period.
    1. Select your auto-renewal preference.
      The default
      Renewal Settings
      so that your contract is automatically renewed before it expires. This ensures that you have uninterrupted coverage for securing your public cloud deployments.
    2. Select the license edition and the number of units.
      The Prisma Cloud License Types are Business or Enterprise with the standard success plan. If you want to protect 1000 workloads, enter 10 units because 1 unit is equal to 100 workloads.
    3. Select
      Create contract
    4. Confirm the contract and
      Pay Now
    5. Select
      Set up your account
      to continue with setting up Prisma Cloud.
      This link has a temporary access token that expires in 24 hours. If you want to come back later and provide the details to provision your Prisma Cloud instance, you must log in to your AWS account. You can then use the
      View or Modify
      link for the active AWS Marketplace software subscription on
      Your Software
      page of the AWS Marketplace. You can then to get access to the link
      Click here to setup your account
  5. Provide the details for provisioning your Prisma Cloud instance.
    1. Enter the personal and company information requested in the form.
    2. Select the region where you want your Prisma Cloud tenant provisioned.
    3. Select
      The message informs you whether the registration was successful. Look for the welcome email in your email inbox and click the link in that email to log in to the Palo Alto Networks hub.
    4. Log in to the hub and click the Prisma Cloud tile to start using Prisma Cloud.

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