Get Prisma Cloud From the GCP Marketplace

Buy Prisma™ Cloud directly from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace.
Purchase Prisma™ Cloud directly from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will get access to the Prisma Cloud tenant that is provisioned for you.
  1. Go to GCP Marketplace and search for Prisma Cloud.
  2. View All Plans
    and choose the one to which you you want to
    View the available plans and pick the one that best meets the security and compliance requirements for your enterprise (see Prisma Cloud License Types).
  3. Activate
    the subscription you selected.
    The subscription from the marketplace is for 100 workloads for a 12-month period. For a longer term or to secure more workloads, please contact your Palo Alto Networks Sales Representative.
  4. Provide the details for provisioning your Prisma Cloud instance.
    1. Enter the personal and company information requested in the form.
    2. Provide the
      Tenant Name
      that allows you to identify your Prisma Cloud instance.
      The name you enter here is displayed in the GCP marketplace subscription details and on the Prisma Cloud console.
    3. Select the region where you want your Prisma Cloud tenant provisioned.
    4. Select
      A message informs you whether the registration was successful. After you successfully register, Palo Alto Networks sends you two emails: the first email is titled Welcome to Prisma Cloud Support and enables you to
      Set Password
      ; the second email is titled Welcome to Prisma Cloud and it includes a link to
      Get Started
      . Use this link to navigate to the Palo Alto Networks hub and log in using the registered email address and the new password that you configured.
    5. Verify your subscription details on GCP Marketplace.
      When the subscription cycle ends, your subscription will not be automatically renewed. You can upgrade your subscription at any time. If you want to change your plan to a more limited set of capabilities, the change is in effect at the end of the currently committed subscription term.
  5. Log in to the hub and click the Prisma Cloud tile to start using Prisma Cloud.

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