Add a Resource List on Prisma Cloud

Use tags to identify resources deployed in your cloud environments.
A Resource List is a way to identify resources that are assigned with a specific tag or label. This tag could have been assigned to the resource as a part of a template deployment workflow, or when you scan IaC templates using the Prisma Cloud plugins. After you create the resource list, you need to attach it to a Prisma Cloud role and to an alert rule for build-time checks.
  1. Select
    Resource List
  2. +Add New
  3. Enter a
    Resource List Name
    You can optionally enter a description.
  4. Specify the
    to identify the tag.
    You can add up to 20 key-value pairs in a resource list. When you specify multiple tags in a resource list, the IaC template must include all the tags defined in the resource list in order to be scanned against the policies in the alert rule.
  5. Save
    the list.
  6. Next Steps:
    1. Attach the Resource List to a Prisma Cloud role.
      When you Create Prisma Cloud Roles, users who are associated with the selected role can review the scan results on the
      DevOps Inventory

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