Add Service Accounts On Prisma Cloud

Enable access to the Prisma Cloud APIs for non-human entities.
Service Accounts can be created for automation use cases to enable a nonhuman entity to interact programmatically with the Prisma Cloud APIs. Service accounts differ from user accounts in that they do not need an email address associated with them and do not need to be validated or activated in an external system before they can be used.
  1. Navigate to
    Access Control
    and select
    Service Account
    You must have the System Administrator role on Prisma Cloud to add a service account; a maximum of 250 service accounts are supported.
  2. Enter the Service Account details and click
    Think about the data you will enter carefully because the information that’s associated with the service account cannot be modified afterwards.
    • Service Account Name
      —A descriptive name for your service account. You can enter a maximum of 300 characters in the
      Service Account Name
    • Role
      —The role for your service account.
  3. Create an Access Key.
    1. Enter a descriptive name for your access key. You can enter a maximum of 300 characters in the
      Access Key Name
    2. Enable Expiration
      . Select a date, adjust the time based on your requirements, and click
      As a best practice, set an expiration date that meets your compliance requirements and rotate your keys frequently.
    3. Save & Create (1 of 2)
      to generate the key.
  4. Download your Access Key.
    Access keys are not stored on Prisma Cloud, so this will be the only opportunity that you’ll have to download it. Click
    Download .csv file
    to download your access key as a csv file and store it in a secure location.
  5. Done
  6. View the service accounts.
    To verify that the service accounts is created successfully, select
    , and enter the name of the service account in the search box.
    You cannot edit the
    for a service account. To modify any of these values, you must delete it and create a new one. Each service account can have a maximum of two access keys; you must create one key when you add the service account, and can add an additional key later.

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