Adoption Advisor

Review your adoption of Prisma Cloud, and identify the recommended tasks for your adoption journey.
The Adoption Advisor provides visibility in to how much of the Prisma Cloud capabilities you have adopted, helps you uncover security capabilities that you not have yet explored so that you can make the most of your investment, and provides guidance on where to take action.
Currently, the Adoption Advisor is focused on the CSPM capabilities on Prisma Cloud. It groups the tasks into three areas—Foundations, Advanced, and Optimize— and outlines what you should complete for maintaining good security hygiene in a particular area and managing risk as you adopt the cloud for critical infrastructure. As you complete more tasks, the
Adoption Progress
indicator depicts the percentage completed.
  1. Select
    Adoption Advisor
    on the left-hand pane.
  2. Select a task on the dashboard to take action.
    Review the details in the
    Actions to complete
    where you have a three-step summary of each task. Click the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner to go to the appropriate page where you can set it up.
  3. Review the progress with issue burndown.
    Use the Risk and Incident burndown widgets to review how your security posture is being managed through better alert handling.
    The Risk burndown widget alerts displays the number of high severity misconfigurations or risks detected using the Configuration policies on Prisma Cloud and your team’s progress on remediating these risks. The remediation actions include the states of resolve, dismiss or snooze.
    The Incident burndown widget displays the alerts generated from Network, Anomaly, and Audit Event against the assets across your monitored cloud environments. and your team’s progress on remediating these incidents. The remediation actions include the states of resolve, dismiss or snooze.

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