Adoption Advisor

Review your adoption of Prisma Cloud, and identify the recommended tasks for your adoption journey.
The Adoption Advisor provides visibility in to how much of the Prisma Cloud capabilities you have adopted, helps you uncover security capabilities that you have not yet explored so that you can make the most of your investment, and provides guidance on where to take action.
The Adoption Advisor focuses on the Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection (CWP), and Cloud Code Security (CCS) capabilities on Prisma Cloud. It groups the tasks into three areas—Foundations, Advanced, and Optimize— and outlines what you should complete for maintaining good security hygiene in a particular area and managing risk as you adopt the cloud for critical infrastructure. As you complete more tasks, the
Adoption Progress
indicator depicts the percentage completed. For enabling CCS capabilities on Adoption Advisor, make sure that the CCS subscription is activated.
The Adoption Advisor also includes Identity and Access Management (IAM) checks and Data Security checks. For completing these checks, the Data Security and IAM Security subscription must be activated.
The IAM Security checks provide governance and visibility into the entitlements—various permissions and policies— across your cloud resources.
The Data Security checks help you address the challenge of discovering and protecting data stored in your public cloud storage buckets.
  1. Select
    Adoption Advisor
    on the left-hand pane.
  2. Select a task on the dashboard to take action.
    Review the details in the
    Actions to complete
    where you have a three-step summary of each task. Click the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner to go to the appropriate page where you can set it up.
  3. Review the progress with issue burndown.
    For each widget, refer to the Adoption Advisor Widgets to review how your security posture is being managed through better alert handling.

Adoption Advisor Widgets

Adoption Progress
Depicts how well your team has been using the full complement of Prisma Cloud capabilities. This percentage is a ratio of the number of tasks completed divided by the total number of tasks available to you. As your cloud footprint grows, use the Adoption Advisor to identify where to focus on your journey to strengthen your cloud security posture.
Anomalous Threats Detected
Anomalous Threats Detected are organized by UEBA and Network-based anomaly alerts and policies. The top row displays the number of threats detected for UEBA and Network for the past 30/60/90 days. The bottom row displays the number of enabled vs. possible policies.
Discovered vs Secured Resources
Displays the extent to which the Defender is currently protecting your cloud environment. It shows the number of resources detected by Cloud Discovery as well as the number of Secured resources protected by deployed Defenders over a period of time.
High Risk Assets & Alerts
Displays the count of high severity risks detected for all policy violations such as Network, Anomaly, Audit Event, and Config policies by a tenant and the assets producing these alerts over a period of time. It also shows you the Alert Remediation count that includes remediation action states of resolve, dismiss or snooze.
Incident Burndown
Displays the alerts generated from Network, Anomaly, and Audit Event against the assets across your monitored cloud environments and your team’s progress on remediating these incidents. The remediation actions include the states of resolve, dismiss or snooze.
Risk Burndown
Displays the number of high severity risks detected using the Configuration policies on Prisma Cloud and your team’s progress on remediating these risks. The remediation actions include the states of resolve, dismiss or snooze.
Regulatory Compliance Achieved
Displays the compliance posture for the top 3 compliance standards from the list of compliance reports you have generated. The top 3 compliance standards are shown by first prioritizing scheduled reports, then one-time reports.
Top Custom Alerts Generated
Displays the top 3 custom policies by open alert count, highlighting the threats and misconfigurations you are catching through these policies.
Vulnerability Trends
Displays the vulnerabilities discovered and resolved over time across images, hosts, containers, and functions for the impacted resources.

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