Prisma Cloud Administrator Roles

Prisma Cloud roles define the type of access that an administrative user has.
on Prisma Cloud is someone who has been assigned administrative privileges, and a
defines the type of access that the administrator has on the service. When you define a role, you specify the
permission group
and the account groups that the administrator can manage. Prisma Cloud has the following permission groups built-in for administrators.
  • System Admin
    —Full control (read/write permissions) to the service, and they can create, edit, or delete account groups or cloud accounts. Only System administrators have access to all
    on Prisma Cloud and can view audit logs to analyze actions performed by other users who have been assigned administrative privileges.
    If you use the System Admin role with
    Only for Compute capabilities
    enabled, the administrator only has full control (read/write permissions) to the
    tab and APIs on Prisma Cloud, and does not have access to the rest of Prisma Cloud capabilities.
  • Account Group Admin
    —Read/write permissions for the cloud accounts and account groups to which they are granted access.
    An account group administrator can only view resources deployed within the cloud accounts to which they have access. Resources deployed on other cloud accounts that Prisma Cloud monitors are excluded from the search or investigation results.
  • Account Group Read Only
    —Read only permissions to view designated sections of Prisma Cloud. This role does not have permissions to modify any settings.
  • Account and Cloud Provisioning Admin
    —Combines the permissions for the
    Account Group Admin
    and the
    Cloud Provisioning Admin
    to enable an administrator who is responsible for a line of business. With this role, in addition to being able to onboard cloud accounts, the administrator can access the dashboard, manage the security policies, investigate issues, view alerts and compliance details for the designated accounts only.
  • Cloud Provisioning Admin
    —Permissions to onboard and manage cloud accounts from Prisma Cloud and the APIs, and the ability to create and manage the account groups. With this role access is limited to
    Cloud Accounts
    Account Groups
    on the admin console.
  • Build and Deploy Security
    —Restricted permissions to DevOps users who need access to a subset of
    capabilities and/or API access to run IDE, SCM and CI/CD plugins for Infrastructure as Code and image vulnerabilities scans. For example, the Build and Deploy Security role enables read-only permissions to review vulnerability and compliance scan reports on
    and to manage and download utilities such as Defender images, plugins and twistcli.
    And if you use the Build and Deploy Security role with
    Access key only
    enabled, the administrator can create one access key to use the Prisma Cloud Compute APIs.
    See Prisma Cloud Compute Roles for more details for the roles and associated permissions.
Add Administrative Users On Prisma Cloud. You can
View permissions
associated with each role on
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