Review Alarms

View Alarms and take necessary action to resolve them.
You can review the alarm notifications and take the necessary action to rectify the issue or error. You can filter the alarms and also set up email notifications.
  1. Select
    to view the Alarm Center that lists all the alarm notifications.
    Alarms are sorted based on the time of occurrence. The latest alarms are displayed at the top. The alarm notifications are retained for 30 days from the time they are generated.
  2. Filter alarms based on:
    • Time Range
      —Past 24 hours, past 7 days, or past month
    • Alarm Type
      —Integrations, Cloud Accounts, or all
    • Severity
      —High (red, indicates complete failure), medium (orange, indicates partial failure), low (yellow), or all
      The colored strip on the left of each alarm signifies its severity.
      In case of Cloud Accounts, high severity alarm indicates an authentication issue and medium severity indicates a missing permissions issue.
      Currently, Prisma Cloud only generates high severity alarms for Integration based issues, which indicates that the Integration has failed.
  3. The Alarms tab ticker highlights the number of unread notifications. Once you click on a notification, it changes from unread to read.
    • Information such as error code and relevant messages are displayed.
    • Use the filters to get a specific list of alarms.
    • Click
      if you want to remove the notification from the alarm center. Once deleted, a similar alarm will not appear for the next 24 hours, if the same error occurs in that time period. After 24 hours, a similar error will generate a new alarm notification.
  4. Click
    • Depending on the alarm type, the Integrations or Cloud Accounts page is displayed, which shows the details of the Integration or Cloud Account that has failed or caused this alarm.
    • Review the Integration parameters or Cloud Account details and take further action to rectify the failure.

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