Set Up Notifications for Alarms

allow you to create notification rules to receive notifications via Email, Splunk, Webhook, Google Cloud Security Command Center (CSCC), and PagerDuty channels about the alarms generated when you are away from the Prisma Cloud console.
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the Alarm Center screen and click
  2. Click
    Create Notification Rule
  3. Enter
    Rule Name
    and select
    Alarm Type
    (All, Integration, Cloud Account, or License) and
    (High, Medium, or Low), to notify users on the generation of alarms based on the conditions you select.
  4. Next
  5. Enter
    Email Addresses
    and select from the available
    types. You have to provide at least one email address and create an email notification rule when you select
    as the alarm type.
  6. Next
  7. Review the Notification Rule summary and
  8. The Notification Rule you created displays under
    Alarm Settings
  9. Use the toggle button to disable any Notification Rule.
  10. You can clone, edit, and delete an existing Notification Rule.
    After you’ve saved the notification rule, an email will be sent to the email addresses you’ve listed in the rule. Those users can take action on the alarm notification by navigating from the email.
    After you create or update a rule it may take 10 minutes to receive the email notification.

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