Create Views

Create customized views to prioritize alerts.
Saved Views
to organize your alerts into appropriate threat vector categories. Prisma Cloud provides 8 default views—Overview, Incidents, Exposure, Vulnerabilities, Misconfigurations, CIEM, Malware, and Data.
  1. Add View
    1. Select
      to view the 8 default views. Each view includes preset filters that display the most relevant alerts for the category.
    2. Add View
      to make a copy of the view that you’re currently on. For example, if you are on CIEM alerts and you click
      Add View
      , a copy of the CIEM alerts view is created. You can create a maximum of 20 views.
  2. Manage Views
    1. Manage Views
      to reorder ( ), hide/show ( ), duplicate ( ), and delete ( ) your saved views.
      You cannot delete or rename the default (
      ) views and you cannot reorder or hide
      , which is the first view.
    2. Done
      to view your changes (the Confirm option displays only when you want to delete a view).

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