Add a New Compliance Report

Monitor your single or multi-cloud environment for adherence to mandated compliance standards, with Prisma Cloud’s compliance reporting tools. Create reports based on a cloud compliance standard for immediate viewing or download, or schedule recurring reports to continue monitoring compliance over time. Each report provides you with a co nsolidated view of cloud account compliance with a selected standard. The report lists resources and accounts currently monitored against the standard, and details their compliance status. Cloud resources are tracked for compliance against every section of a given standard and detailed findings for each section are included along with remediation for non-compliant sections. From the Compliance Reports dashboard, you can also view or download historic reports to study compliance trends. Follow the steps below to create a Compliance Report:
  1. Log in to Prisma Cloud.
  2. Create a new report.
    1. Select
      and select a standard from the standards list below the dashboard.
    2. On the compliance standard page, use the filters above to narrow your data set by date and cloud account type. Click
      Create Report
    3. Enter the following information and click
      • Enter a descriptive
        for the report.
      • Enter the
        address to which you would like to send the scheduled report. Select the Custom Email Template checkbox if you wish to use a pre-selected notification template.
      • Select report frequency,
        One Time
        If you select
        specify how often and when you want the report to run.

View and Manage Reports

Compliance reports once generated, automatically run at the scheduled time. Select
Compliance > Reports
to view a list of all available compliance reports. A graphical view of the report displays as shown below. The
Urgent Assets
section captures a snapshot view of alerts originating from assets that do not comply with the standard referenced in the report.
Compliance Trends
provides a a graphical view of the total number of assets and their compliance status (Pass/Fail). This information is also available as a corresponding donut chart visualization.
On the
Compliance > Reports
tab, you can use the provided filters to narrow the list of compliance reports displayed, or search for a specific report.You can also change the list view of the compliance reports and download the table view as a PDF.
You can view and manage reports as follows:
  • From the
    tab you can click on any Report to view more details. The Report summary includes a detailed breakdown of each compliance standard, the number of assets that pass or fail to meet the standard and the overall grade. Reports can also be cloned for further fine-tuning using additional filters. In addition, you can also share reports by downloading a PDF version.
  • The Options tab in the Reports view allows you to also download reports or delete them if they are no longer required.
  • For recurring reports, the
    Enable Scheduling
    toggle allows you to choose whether a report should be emailed automatically according to the predefined schedule. When disabled, the report is not emailed, but can be downloaded on demand.
  • Select the edit icon to update or change report scheduling details, including adding or removing recipients.
  • The history button provides a view of report generation history along with a snapshot of alert data and compliance posture.

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