Compliance Dashboard

Review your overall compliance posture, interact with the data, and generate reports directly from the Compliance Dashboard.
The Compliance Overview is a dashboard that provides a snapshot of your overall compliance posture across various compliance standards. Use the Compliance Dashboard as a tool for risk oversight across all the supported cloud platforms and gauge the effectiveness of the security processes and controls you have implemented to keep your enterprise secure. You can also create compliance reports and run them immediately, or schedule them on a recurring basis to measure your compliance over time.
The built-in regulatory compliance standards that Prisma Cloud supports are:
Cloud Type
Compliance Standards Supported
CIS v1.2, CSA CCM v3.0.1,CCPA, GDPR, HITRUST v9.3, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST 800.53 R4, NIST 800-171 Rev1, NIST CSF v1.1,PCI DSS v3.2, PIPEDA, SOC 2
CIS v1.1, CSA CCM v3.0.1,CCPA, GDPR, HITRUST v9.3, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST 800.53 R4, NIST CSF v1.1, PCI DSS v3.2, PIPEDA, SOC 2
CIS v1.0, CSA CCM v3.0.1,CCPA,GDPR, HITRUST v9.3, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST 800.53 R4, NIST CSF v1.1, PCI DSS v3.2, PIPEDA, SOC 2
To help you easily identify the gaps and measure how you’re doing against the benchmarks defined in the governance and compliance frameworks, the Compliance Dashboard (
combines rich visuals with an interactive design. The dashboard results include data for the last full hour. The timestamp on the bottom right corner of the screen indicates when the data was aggregated for the results displayed.
The compliance dashboard is grouped into three main sections that enable you to continuously monitor progress.
  • Filters
    —The left pane provides filters that help sharpen the focus on your compliance posture across different cloud types, accounts, regions, and specific compliance mandates—compliance standards and the requirements and sections within each standard. The compliance time selector allows you to specify the time range for which you want to see your compliance posture. By default, the dashboard shows your compliance state as of today. Because the Prisma Cloud service ingests data on all assets in the connected cloud accounts, you can use this data to audit usage/deployment of resources on each cloud and measure improvement over time. For example, you can see how you were doing three months ago and analyze trends in adherence to compliance guidelines today.
  • Compliance Score and Charts
    —The colorful and interactive main section presents the overall health of the cloud resources in your organization. The rich visual display helps you focus your attention on the gaps in compliance for a standard or regulation that is important to you.
    • The compliance score presents data on the total unique resources that are passing or failing the policy checks that match compliance standards. Use this score to audit how many unique resources are failing compliance checks and get a quick count on the severity of these failures. The links allow you to view the list of all resources on the
      Asset Explorer
      , and the
      View Alerts
      link enables you to view all the open alerts of Low, Medium, or High severity.
    • The compliance trendline is a line chart that shows you how the compliance posture of your monitored resources have changed over time (on the horizontal X axis). You can view the total number of resources monitored (in blue), and the number of resources that passed (in green) and failed (in red) over that time period.
    • The Compliance coverage sunburst chart highlights the passed and failed resource count across all compliance standards and enables easy comparison. When you click on the inner circle, you can drill-down to the summary for a specific compliance standard that needs your attention; click the center of the donut to toggle and view all the compliance standards. When you click on the outer circle, you can view the alerts that map to the failed resources associated with a standard.
      To review all the details, click the link for the description of the compliance standard.
  • Compliance Standards Table
    —The last section is a list of all the built-in and custom standards that you may have defined to monitor and audit your organization’s performance. Each row in the table includes a description of a standard and the total number of policies that map to the standard. It also includes the total number of unique resources monitored for that standard, the pass and fail count, along with a percentage of the resources that passed the compliance checks. For each failed check, the severity of the issue affects where it is counted. For example, if a resource fails a high severity policy, it is not counted towards a medium or low failure even if it fails a medium or low severity policy rule.
    To learn about each compliance standard, the requirements/sections that it comprises and the policies that map to each requirement, use the links in each row. You can also click the description in the table to open a new tab that automatically filters the data to display information about the selected compliance standard and then generate a report on demand. To generate compliance reports, see Add a New Compliance Report.
Unlike the Asset Inventory that aggregates all your resources and displays the pass and fail count for all monitored resources, the Compliance Dashboard only displays the results for monitored resources that match the policies included within a compliance standard. For example, even if you have 30 AWS Redshift instances, if none of the compliance standards include policies that check the configuration or compliance and security standards for Redshift instances, the 30 Redshift instances are not included in the resource count on the Compliance Dashboard. The results on the Compliance Dashboard therefore, help you focus your attention on the gaps in compliance for a standard or regulation that is important to you. See Assets, Policies, and Compliance on Prisma Cloud for additional context.

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