Assets, Policies, and Compliance on Prisma Cloud

To know the state of your cloud infrastructure, you need visibility into all the assets and infrastructure that make up your cloud environment and a pulse on your security posture.
Whether you want to detect a misconfiguration or you want to continually assess your security posture and adherence to specific compliance standards Prisma Cloud provides out-of-the-box policies (auditable controls) for ongoing reporting and measurement.
Policies are for risk assessment and they help to reduce the risk of business disruptions. Prisma Cloud provides policies that map to compliance standards, and a larger set of policies that enable prevention or detection of security risks to which your cloud assets are exposed. Anomaly policies are an example of policies that are typically not a part of compliance standards, and these policies inform you of actions performed on your cloud assets by entities that are users, services, or IAM roles that have authorization to access and modify your cloud assets, but the entities are not cloud assets.
Prisma Cloud supports the need to keep track of potential risks and threats to your cloud infrastructure with dashboards for your Asset Inventory, Compliance Dashboard, and out-of-the-box policies which generate alerts for cloud assets that are in violation. When a policy is violated, an alert is triggered in real time.
While alerts help you detect policy violations in real time and enable you to investigate what happened, the asset inventory and compliance dashboard are hourly snapshots of your assets and compliance posture for the last full hour.
From the asset inventory and the compliance dashboard, you can directly access all open alerts by severity, and view asset details from the asset explorer as of the last hour.

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