Manage Prisma Cloud Policies

Learn how to select Prisma Cloud policies.
Use the following workflows to manage your Prisma Cloud policies. You can download policy data, clone, enable, delete, or disable policies from the
  • To enable Prisma Cloud default policies click Settings settings-icon.png and select
    Enterprise Settings
    You can enable policies based on severity—High, Medium, or Low.
    When you
    your changes, you can choose one of the following options:
    • Enable and Save
      —With Enable and Save, you are enabling all existing policies that match your selection criteria and new Prisma Cloud default policies that are periodically added to the service. This option allows you to enable and scan your resources against all existing and new policies to help you stay ahead of threats and misconfigurations.
    • Save
      —With Save, you are saving your selection criteria and enabling new Prisma Cloud default policies only as they are periodically added to the service. New policies that match your selection, are automatically enabled and your resources are scanned against them after you made the change.
    The audit logs include a record of all activities performed in Prisma Cloud. To view the audit logs click Settings settings-icon.png and select
    Audit Logs
  • To view policies, select
  • To filter
    enter a keyword in the
    Filter Results
    search box or click
    Add Filters
    and select the filtering criteria.
  • To download the details of your policies (or a filtered set of policies) in CSV format so that you can have an offline copy, click Download.
  • To enable or disable any policy toggle the
  • To edit a custom policy, click the policy and you can edit the details.
    You cannot edit a Prisma Cloud Default policy.
  • To delete a policy, select the policy and click
  • To clone a policy, select the policy and click
    Cloning a policy is creating a copy of an existing policy. Cloning serves as a quick method of creating a new policy if you choose to change few details of the source policy.
    Prisma Cloud comes with default policies. If you want to modify any details, you can clone a policy and then modify details.
  • To view Alerts associated with a policy click
    View Alerts

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