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The master timeline provides a birds-eye view of the steps for operationalizing Prisma Cloud. Each segment in the master timeline is fully explored in a dedicated section. Dedicated sections discuss the considerations, tradeoffs, and strategies for working through each step. Links to detailed articles on our Documentation Portal are provided throughout.
Operationalizing Prisma Cloud can be broken down into a number of discrete steps:
Learn about Prisma Cloud concepts and how it all works.
Plan and Deploy:
Map Prisma Cloud onto your environment. Pick a deployment pattern and customize it for your needs. Factor in automation, high availability, and disaster recovery. Install Prisma Cloud in your environment.
Secure your environment (Config, Observe, Gain Ops Experience):
Configure Prisma Cloud features and define policy. Gain operational experience. Most customers focus on putting one subsystem into operation at a time, and they typically do it in the following order:
  • Vulnerability management
  • Compliance
  • Runtime defense and firewalls
Maintenance and operations:
Respond to incidents and alerts. Add and tweak rules and policy as new apps are brought online. Upgrade Prisma Cloud as new releases are published. The timeline should be used as a framework for deploying Prisma Cloud. Don’t pay too much attention to the number of weeks for each step. The steps are more important than the actual time spent. Timelines vary substantially from organization to organization.

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