Prisma Cloud Container Images

You can either download and manage all Prisma Cloud container images by yourself or you can access them from our hosted registry.
When you download our software from the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal (CSP), you get a tarball that can be used to install Prisma Cloud. You can also pull the images from the Prisma Cloud Registry, for more information see here.
You can push the Prisma Cloud images to your own private registry, and manage them as you see fit. The Console image is delivered as a .tar.gz file in the release tarball. After Console is installed, the Defender image is accessible from the dashboard under Manage \> Defenders \> Deploy, where deployment scripts retrieve the Defender image from Console using the /api/v1/images/twistlock\_defender.tar.gz API endpoint.
You can also retrieve Prisma Cloud images from our hosted registry, which is available to all current customers with a valid access token. This option simplifies a lot of workflows, especially the initial install flow.

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