Solution Overview

Prisma Cloud protects your cloud native assets anywhere they operate---whether you’re running containers, serverless functions, non-container hosts, or any combination of them. Advanced threat intelligence and machine learning enable protection of your entire cloud native stack, whether it runs in the public cloud, private cloud, or air-gapped environment.
Prisma Cloud provides an agentless architecture that requires no changes to your host, container engine, or applications. Prisma Cloud is deployed as a set of containers, as a service on your hosts, or as a runtime component of your serverless function. For environments that do not support deployment of Prisma Cloud as a privileged peer, we offer runtime application self protection (App Embedded) capabilities.
Upon deployment, Prisma Cloud immediately begins working to secure your container and cloud environment. Prisma Cloud supports discovery of assets within your cloud environment, allowing you to easily identify assets which are not protected and add them.
Prisma Cloud is easily integrated into your container build process with support for continuous integration (CI) systems and registry/serverless repository scanning capabilities.
Prisma Cloud offers on premise and Software as a Services (SaaS) options for deployment.

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