Prisma Cloud provides API endpoints to monitor the health and availability of deployed components.
We recommend you monitor the following aspects of your Prisma Cloud installation:
Console Service Availability:
Monitor the Prisma Cloud API and ensure the ping API returns "200 ok"
  • API endpoint: GET /api/v1/_ping
  • Example command: curl -u admin:Password 'https:\<console-ip\>:8083/api/v1/_ping
Intelligence Stream Connectivity:
The Intelligence Stream is used to pull down threat and CVE data. From the Console or host, monitor the following:
Disk Space:
Console writes files to disk both database and logging. We recommend customers monitor the health and space available on the volume that contains /var/lib/twistlock. Typical customers with normal usage should raise an alert when 20 GB or less of disk space is available on the volume. This location can be modified in twistlock.cfg at install time.
Both Console and Defender containers are configured with Docker Health Check, a best practice, which gives you insight into the containers' health.

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