Features Introduced in January 2022

Learn about the new Code Security capabilities on Prisma™ Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) in January 2022.
The all new Cloud Code Security module is here for Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition! With Code Security capabilities agile teams can add security checks to their existing IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) model, ensuring security throughout the build lifecycle.
IaC Security in Git Repositories, CI/CD and IDEs
Integrate GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket and Azure repositories natively with the Prisma Cloud platform for IaC Security. SaaS as well as on-premise versions of Git solutions, such as GitHub server and GitHub cloud, are supported.
Visibility and Remediation
In addition to continuously scanning your Git repositories and viewing results directly on the Prisma Cloud administrative console, you can export the results to different SIEM tools to support your workflows.
You can also remediate and suppress issues through Pull Request (PR) automation workflows in the Prisma Cloud administrative console as well as special syntax in the actual IaC code. For example, you can add a commented annotation in your source code and suppress findings in IaC files.
Unified Policies for Build-Time and Run-Time Checks
The Out-of the-Box build policies on Prisma Cloud have been updated to include all IaC Security related policies from Bridgecrew. The name and descriptions of the Bridgecrew policies integrated on Prisma Cloud have been updated to be consistent with the platform.
New Developer Role With Granular Repository Access
Use the new
role to enable developer-centric experiences on the Prisma Cloud platform and foster collaboration between developers and SecOps. You can also manage access to Git repositories and restrict access to IaC scan results from specified repos and for selected users only.

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