Features Introduced in May 2022

Learn about the new Code Security capabilities on Prisma™ Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) in May 2022.
The following new features or enhancements are available for Prisma Cloud Code Security. These capabilities help agile teams add security checks to their existing IaC (Infrastructure-as-Code) model and enforce security throughout the build lifecycle.
Drift Detection
In addition to continuously scanning your repositories and viewing results directly on the Prisma Cloud administrative console, you can now view the results for drift detection in your repositories (
Code Security
).Drifts are inconsistencies in configuration that occur when deployed resources are modified locally/manually using the CLI or console, and these divergences from the IaC templates are not recorded or tracked.Prisma Cloud enables you to identify drift for resources deployed using Terraform on AWS, and take corrective action to eliminate divergence from code for resources that are running.
You can take action directly from the Prisma Cloud console to address drift. You can either suppress drift by reverting the change on the running resource from the Prisma Cloud console, or fix drift by directly updating the template in your source code repository to match the configuration on the running resource.For example, to add the manual changes implemented on a resource block for a resource deployed on AWS, you can
Fix Drift
to raise a PR and ensure that the code (template) is in sync with your deployed resource.

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