Features Introduced in June 2022

Learn about the new Compute capabilities on Prisma™ Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) in June 2022.
The host, container, and serverless capabilities on the
tab are being upgraded on Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition on June 12, 2022. When upgraded, the version will be 22.01.890.
In accordance with the Security Assurance policy, this release includes the following security fixes.
Console & Defender
  • Upgraded Golang version
  • Containerd updates for Kubernetes (github.com/containerd/containerd)
  • Open Policy Agent updates (github.com/open-policy-agent/opa)
  • Runc updates (github.com/opencontainers/runc)
  • Kubernetes (k8s.io/kubernetes)
  • Mongod
  • Mongodb Go driver
  • (go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver)
  • AWS SDK for Go (github.com/aws/aws-sdk-go)
  • Dependency updates
    • github.com/ulikunitz/xz
    • YAML for Go package (gopkg.in/yaml.v3)
  • github.com/docker/distribution
  • github.com/tidwall/gjson
The following issues are not displayed for Compute resources. Compute is not vulnerable to these issues because it does not use the ssh package; the vulnerability is in the implementation of the ssh server in the package.
  • Console & Defender—CVE-2022-27191 for golang.org/x/crypto/ssh
  • Console—CVE-2020-29652 for golang.org/x/crypto/ssh

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