Features Introduced in March 2023

The host, container, and serverless capabilities on the
tab are being upgraded starting on Mar 12, 2023. When upgraded, the version will be 22.12.694.

New Features in Prisma Cloud Compute

CVE Coverage Update
As part of the 22.12 release, Prisma Cloud has rolled out updates to its vulnerability data for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in the Intelligence Stream. The new additions are as follows:
  • Fixed CVE-2023-25173 and CVE-2023-25153 (Severity - Moderate): the containerd package is used in the Prisma Cloud Defender and for Agentless Scanning. To address the vulnerability, upgrade to containerd version v1.6.18 or v1.5.18 as needed.
  • Fixed CVE-2022-1996 (Severity - Critical) is included in the Intelligence Stream feed. The Go-Restful package is a transitive dependency that is pulled with k8s.io/client-go and k8s.io/kube-openapi and is not being used directly in the Compute Defender and Console, thus it is suppressed.
GKE Autopilot Clusters
Improved testing to support the automatic updates of GKE Autopilot clusters. The latest three Prisma Cloud releases are tested daily using the latest GKE Autopilot version for continued support.
Defender Upgrade All Improvements
When you select to upgrade all Defenders (
Manage > Defenders > Deployed Defenders
), you can only upgrade the Defenders that are eligible for an upgrade and for which you have the permission to upgrade based on the collections that are assigned to your Prisma Cloud role. A confirmation dialog displays to confirm the upgrade. This change applies to upgrades for Host and Single Container Defenders on Linux and Windows.
Oracle Cloud
Added support to scan images and containers running on cloud hosts in the supported Oracle Cloud environments.

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