Features Introduced in November 2021

Learn about the new Compute capabilities on Prisma™ Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) in November 2021.
The host, container, and serverless capabilities on the
tab are being upgraded on Prisma Cloud Enterprise Edition starting November 15, 2021. When upgraded, the version will be 21.08.525

New Features in Prisma Cloud Compute

OpenShift Version Support
Support for OpenShift 4.9.0.
Debug Mode for App-Embedded Defender
To debug crashes or other issues when Defender can't connect to Console, you can enable the debug mode for App-Embedded Defender to write all logs to stdout.
To enable the debug mode, specify an environment variable named
and set it to
WAAS — Support for an SNI-Based Proxy
WAAS adds support for Server Name Indication field (SNI) in a proxy so that you can serve multiple top-level domains, each with different TLS certificates, on the same internal port.
Support for SNI enables certificate verification for different applications where you need to forward TLS traffic to the host specified in the SNI.

Changes in Existing Behavior

Change in Behavior
Filtering For Unactionable Vulnerabilities
Unactionable vulnerabilities
when you enable the toggle, vulnerabilities are filtered by both severity level and fix plan. Previously, when the toggle was enabled, it filtered out vulnerabilities by severity level only. Now, the results for unactionable vulnerabilities do not include:
  • Vulnerabilities with a severity level of
    and a fix plan of
    won't fix
  • Vulnerabilities of any severity with a fix plan of
    won't fix
Serverless Scan Results
The last serverless scan results on
are retained if a currently running scan is cancelled by a newly invoked scan.
Previously, when an in-progress serverless scan was cancelled, the results from the last scan were deleted, and the display would include empty or partial results.
The new scan that caused the previous scan to be cancelled won't start or run.

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