: Features Introduced in September 2023

Features Introduced in September 2023

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Features Introduced in September 2023

Learn about the new Compute capabilities on Prisma™ Cloud Enterprise Edition (SaaS) in September 2023.
The host, container, and serverless capabilities on the
tab are being upgraded starting on September 10, 2023. When upgraded, the version will be 31.01.123.

New Features in Prisma Cloud Compute

Severity Based Actions for Packages in Vulnerability Rules
Vulnerability policy rules can now be scoped based on the severity threshold per package, in addition to scoping the vulnerabilities by collections. You can now define the severity threshold per package type for alert and block actions.
The package type severity thresholds apply to all workload types: deployed images, CI Images, hosts, VM images, functions, and CI Functions. With this feature, you can monitor alerts at a granular level and focus on vulnerabilities in specific packages.
Parallel Registry Scanning
You can now trigger a registry scan when configuring the registry under
Defend > Vulnerabilities > Registry
. As you add more registries, the new scans are queued until the previous scan finishes.
With this update, you can initiate a new scan from
Monitor > Vulnerabilities
while previous scans are in progress.

End of Support Notifications

End of Support for Docker Access Control
Docker Access Control (
Defend > Access > Docker
) and the Access User role (
Manage > Authentication > Roles
) are no longer supported.

API Changes

End of Support for Docker Access Control
The following API will no longer include the docker information in the response:
  • /api/v_version/audits/access (uses the HTTP GET method)

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