: Look Ahead — Planned Updates on Prisma Cloud Compute

Look Ahead — Planned Updates on Prisma Cloud Compute

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Look Ahead — Planned Updates on Prisma Cloud Compute

Review any deprecation notices and new features planned in the next Prisma Cloud Compute release.
See Prisma Cloud Compute Release Information for the latest features of the host, container, and serverless capabilities that are available on the
tab on Prisma Cloud.
The details and functionality listed below are a preview of what is planned in the next Compute update planned for October 8, 2023; the changes listed herein and the actual release date, are subject to change.

End of Support Notices

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS EOL
Ubuntu 18.04 reached End of Standard Support May 31, 2023. If you still have devices in your fleet using Ubuntu 18, follow Canonical’s guidance to keep your devices up and running. Starting with Newton Update 2, Prisma Cloud Compute is no longer tested on devices running Ubuntu 18 and no support for those devices is available.

Addressed Issues

Fixed the connection issue whereby Prisma Cloud failed to retrieve image details for Docker registries and displayed HTTP 429 errors when scanning more than one Docker registry at a time.
Fixed the API rate limit for the following GET requests:
/api/v31.01/containers /api/v31.01/hosts /api/v31.01/images
With this fix, the API rate limit is set back to 30 requests in 30 seconds.
Fixed an issue that did not trigger non-compliance alerts on K8S cluster with RHEL as NodeOS. We fixed this issue by adding support for K8S cluster on RHEL as NodeOS.


The following enhancements are planned; the details will be available at release:
  • Support for Scanning Images Based on Wolfi Linux
  • Agentless Secrets Scanning Support OOTB
  • Add Admission Control (rego) rules OOTB
  • Detect Go Stdlib Vulnerabilities at the Package Level through OSV
  • Click and Explore Custom Rules Checks in Compliance Explorer
  • Add Agentless Scanning Support for Cluster Benchmarks
  • Set Discovered Date for every Vulnerability Identified on the Host

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