Prisma Cloud Known Issues

Review the list of known issues and deprecation notice on Prisma Cloud.
The following table lists the known issues on Prisma Cloud for the CSPM capabilities. For deprecation notices or upcoming changes, see Look Ahead - Planned Updates. If you have also adopted the Compute and Microsegmentation capabilities, review the respective sections in the Release Notes.
Issue ID
Dashboard widgets don't load for a large data set where the time window is also large.
APIs now run once every 24 hours to generate alerts. If you have cloud accounts with a significant amount of ECS/EMR resources, the resource status is updated once a day.
Fixed in the 22.1.1 release
On rare occasion, alerts for policy violations are not opened or closed as expected.
This fix may trigger alerts to be opened or closed as applicable.
On occasion, alerts generated against Network Policies can be less accurate when the policy includes the RQL attribute
dest.resource IN (resource where role
In these cases, a policy match occurs because the resource such as a web server, ELB, or NAT Gateway either may not have been classified by the engine yet or the classification is no longer applicable when flow logs are analyzed to detect a violation. In such instances, you have to triage and close the alert manually.
Fixed in the 22.1.1 release
In some cases,
alerts are inadvertently updated with the reason
During some of the recent scanning cycles, some of the alerts are updated with the reason Scheduled. This is caused as a result of some Prisma Cloud scanning engine optimizations that are underway. This state update was done inadvertently, is not related to a change in the cloud resource that triggered the alert.
Fixed in the 22.1.1 release
The delivery of compliance report fails if the attachment contains characters in Japanese or Chinese, irrespective of the report size.
Fixed in the 21.12.1 release
When a bucket is ingested using
Forward only
scan option, Prisma Cloud scans for
, however, Data Pattern and Data Profile show
Not Applicable for selected bucket
in the Inventory L4 view.
Fixed in the 21.12.1 release
The table in the Inventory L4 view does not show objects if the bucket is deselected from scanning in the onboarding wizard.
On selecting Data Profiles, the world map does not show the data due to an extra character being passed.
Snippet Last Scanned
column shows a
even when the snippet request was not made for the object.
Due to performance challenges with Azure Resource Groups, the auto completion using RQL on the
page, is temporarily paused until we address the issue. When you use
as an attribute in your query, for example,
config from cloud.resource where =
, you will only see the option to enter a string.
The RQL continues to work as expected and any existing policy or saved search that uses the
attribute is not affected.
Alerts generated for policies that reference the
API are resolved and reopened intermittently.
Applies to Prisma Cloud Data Security only
Malware report is not available in PDF format.
Applies to Prisma Cloud Data Security only
The Dashboard displays an error when you select an account group that does not contain any accounts.
The Business Unit Report does not support multi-byte characters used in languages such as Japanese.
The Business Unit Report csv file lists all enabled policies even when there are no open alerts, because there are no resources to scan.
When you enable Dataflow compression for a cloud account, the subnetwork creation status may display a failure message on the onboarding status page. This error displays because the time threshold to create the subnetwork and report completion exceeds the response time threshold on Prisma Cloud.
—Click to the previous page and click next to load the status page again.
If you have the maximum number of VPCs (5) already created in the project and then you enable flowlog compression, the onboarding fails because Prisma Cloud is unable to add the network needed to enable Dataflow compression. When this happens the remediation steps in the message that displays is incorrect.
The integration status check for Jira displays as yellow instead of red even if the integration is misconfigured.

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