Configure Classification Labels for Third-Party Apps

Prisma SaaS extends its governance and protection capabilities to automatically secure your sensitive third-party app content before it is shared through the data classification label service. To better secure your sensitive file content, you can configure the data classification labels for the files in your third-party apps to control data sharing, prevent data exfiltration, and any future violations.
  1. Enable the classification for third-party apps.
    1. Select
      Third Party Classification
    2. Enable the classification setting.
    3. Save
      your setting.
  2. (Optional)
    If third-party governance is enabled for the selected cloud app, configure the
    Map Classification Schema
    1. Click
      Show Schema
      and select the
      from the list of available content types.
    2. Apply the content labels in
      and use the up and down arrows to set the content priority.
    3. Save
      your map setting.
    A data pattern will automatically be generated based on the classification schema mapping you defined. You can then configure Match Criteria for Asset Rules or User Activity Rulesand View and Filter Data Pattern Match Results for this data pattern.

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