Proximity Keywords

Learn about how proximity keywords reduce false positives.
Keywords reduce false positives and improve detection accuracy. DLP (Data Loss Prevention) can scan content based on the proximity of keywords that you specify (
proximity analysis
) when you create a custom data pattern. Prisma SaaS with Enterprise DLP Add–on supports proximity analysis for both predefined data patterns and custom data patterns.
With Prisma SaaS DLP (Classic), proximity analysis is supported for predefined data patterns only.
An asset is assigned a higher detection accuracy probability when:
  • 200-byte distance
    —Keyword is within a 200-byte distance of the expression. If a document has a 16‑digit number immediately followed by
    , that's more likely to be a credit card number. But if
    is the title of the text and the 16-digit number is on the last page of the 22-page document, that's less likely to be a credit card number.
  • Keyword group
    —More than one keyword in your keyword group appears within 200‑bytes of the expression.

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