Shared Data Profiles and Data Patterns

Learn how to uniformly enforce custom data profiles and data patterns across all connected applications.
If you purchased Prisma SaaS with Enterprise DLP Add-on, opted in for a trial of Prisma SaaS with Enterprise DLP Add–on, or have a new tenant with Prisma SaaS DLP, use the following topic.
With Prisma SaaS DLP, all the data patterns and data profiles are automatically synced to other platforms that you have in the same support account (
Unified DLP Classification
). When you create a new data profile or create a new data pattern on Prisma SaaS, it becomes a shared resource across Prisma SaaS and other Prisma platforms (for example, Prisma Access) to provide consistent data security at all locations whether in the cloud, or across various enforcement points in the SaaS applications, remote networks and mobile users.
To observe which service last updated a given data profile or data pattern, log in to Prisma SaaS and navigate to
Data Profiles | Data Patterns
Updated By
resource represents predefined data profiles, and is not a shared resource; rather, it’s dynamic across platforms. If you do not see any shared resources, you either have a newly provisioned tenant, or you have not yet created any custom data profiles or data patterns on Prisma SaaS or any other Prisma platform.

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