Prisma SaaS Predefined Policies

Learn about the predefined that are automatically applied when Prisma SaaS scans your assets.
If you purchased Prisma SaaS with Enterprise DLP Add-on, opted in for a trial of Prisma SaaS with Enterprise DLP Add–on, or have a new tenant with Prisma SaaS DLP, use the following topic.
Prisma SaaS provides predefined policies that are automatically applied after you add a cloud app and Prisma SaaS scans the assets on that cloud app, if they are
. By default, some are
and others are
). Predefined policies help you identify security threats without the need to create a policy from scratch.
The immediate results from predefined polices help you identify what sensitive content you have and evaluate and understand how those policies are working on that content. Later, you can modify—to change the underlying predefined profile—clone, disable, or delete these policies; however, if you want to modify the predefined policy, Prisma SaaS recommends that you clone the predefined policy so that you can retain the original predefined policy, then fine-tune the new policy to meet your unique needs.
Predefined policies discover commonly known sensitive content and are based on strong security practices; when applicable, the data patterns that underlie these predefined policies are based on predefined profiles of the same name. The same predefined policies are available whether or not you have Enterprise DLP, although the availability of predefined profiles differ.
All predefined policies use
criteria matching: a policy can be configured to add individual match criteria using a dropdown list and an interactive UI (Basic) or a query search (Advanced).

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