New Features Introduced in February 2018

What’s new in the Prisma SaaS release for February 2018.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Prisma™ SaaS in February 2018. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use Prisma SaaS.
Amazon AWS S3 Scan All Configuration Enhancement
You can now scan all buckets in AWS S3 with a single configuration instead of explicitly listing every single bucket. An added advantage is when a new bucket in added in Amazon S3 account, Prisma SaaS will automatically scan the bucket.
Amazon AWS S3 Cross Account Integration Enhancement
You can now monitor and manage up to 1,000 AWS S3 accounts with a single Prisma SaaS installation and secure all accounts from data exfiltration and malware propagation with a single policy. With this installation methodology, you can adhere to AWS best practices of a single account for all of your security monitoring.

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