Prisma Access for Networks CloudBlade Release 2.0.3

This document contains the Prisma Access for Networks (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade, Version 2.0.3 release notes. It covers new features, caveats, limitations, and migration considerations from the 1.0.1 version. Where applicable, features in 2.0.3 are specifically listed.Prisma SD-WAN recommends upgrading to the latest release to take advantage of new features, software enhancements, and bug fixes.Prisma Access for Networks (managed by Panorama) requires ION devices to run software version 5.1.9-b10 or later. Versions prior to 5.1.9-b10 are not supported. The recommended software version is 5.4.3 or higher and the minimum software version supported is 5.1.9-b10.

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