Enable, Pause, Disable, and Uninstall the Integration

After the integration is set up, operations can be done using the CloudBlade panel. These operations have various effects on the tunnels and configurations in Prisma SD-WAN, Panorama, and Prisma Access.
  • Set the CloudBlade to Enabled
    This is the standard, expected mode of operation for the CloudBlade. The CloudBlade will run, find any new Sites/Interfaces with the appropriate tags, and configure the integration on Panorama and Prisma Access.
  • Set the CloudBlade to Paused
    Pausing the CloudBlade stops all future integration runs, but leaves any created objects intact. This stops any future objects from getting created, and also prevents removal of any unconfigured/untagged objects.
  • Set the CloudBlade to Disabled
    Disabling the CloudBlade tells the system to remove and delete all configurations created by the CloudBlade. This can cause communication interruptions if policy is not set to use other paths. Note that IPsec policies, IKE policies, and Prisma SD-WAN Endpoints and Service and DC groups are not automatically deleted and must be removed manually.
  • Uninstall the CloudBlade
    Uninstalling the CloudBlade removes the configuration for the CloudBlade, and immediately stops any changes by the CloudBlade. Uninstalling the CloudBlade does not automatically remove configuration from all sites and objects. CloudBlades may be uninstalled and reinstalled to facilitate upgrades or downgrades to different versions without traffic interruption. To completely remove all items, set the CloudBlade to Disabled for 2-3 Integration Run periods before uninstalling the CloudBlade.

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