Limitations and Caveats in Release 2.1.1

The limitations and caveats in Prisma Access CloudBlade 2.1.1 are:
  • This release is ONLY for the Prisma Access for Networks 1.8 Aggregate Bandwidth Licensing feature.
  • Bandwidth interface tags not needed, as the aggregate bandwidth licensing negates the need for the license tag value.
  • Prisma Access for Networks multi-tenancy currently supports a single sub-tenant with Remote Networks.
  • Panorama administrator must still generate the API key for the appropriate Prisma Access for Networks instance / tenant.
  • Both, IKE and IPsec Crypto, are hard-coded in this release with the following attributes:
    • Encryption: AES-256-CBC
    • Authentication: SHA512
    • Diffie-Hellman: Group 20 (ECP-384)

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