IPSec Termination Node Conventions and Tag Nomenclature

Using the same information gained above from our nodes for
France North
, the tagging methodology for the CloudBlade can now be determined. The tag constructs within the 3.0.1 CloudBlade would look as follows:
Prisma_region: <<region name>> : <<IPSec Termination Node Name or Number>>
With this construct, the tags for the interface(s) will look similar to the following:
prisma_region:France North:france-north-portia
prisma_region:France North:france-north-bluebells
prisma_region:France North-1:1
prisma_region:France North-1:2
In 3.0.1, the node name (france-north-portia) or order that the node appears in the list (1) can both be used in the naming convention for the interface tags.
In order to assist with the automation of the scripts/deployment, the Prisma SD-WAN Tagger utility script can also be used to help create/configure the tags:

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